About Us


We are a family run business with more than 20 years experience and history. Jewellery Garden is an exclusive online jewellery store of a second family generation. Jewellery Garden combines youth, beauty and extravagance.


Each of our jewellery piece is handcrafted, which reflects a distinctive quality and superb cut – jewellery of dedicated craftsmanship, exceptional creativity and design. Our pieces are truly glittering and sensational. We are proud to say that our jewellery is a masterpiece and each of them is unique and extraordinary. Natural gemstones playfully sit together with semiprecious stones such as turquoise, mother of pearl, agate and carving in a wide variety of floral shapes interspersed with concave-cut, briolettes, pearls and enriched with diamonds to dazzle the eye.  Every woman could enjoy our jewellery that truly enhances her beauty and personality.

A delicate piece of Jewellery Garden is a gift of everlasting beauty that speaks volumes of innocent love and can be kept for a long long time while it reminds every woman the defining moments in her life.

When you hold and wear a piece from Jewellery Garden you can see the love and dedication that craftsmen have put into creating it and feel everlasting beauty.