Jewellery care

Jewellery care guide

JEWELLERY GARDEN perceives every piece of jewellery as a work of art which must stay in good condition for its lifetime.

1 -Storage: Do not keep your jewellery in a box all together or separate them from each other by placing each piece of jewellery inside a small sac made of velvet or some other soft material, this will prevent them from getting scratched.

2 -Cleaning: Always use a small amount of liquid soap, warm water and a soft brush to clean gold or silver pieces even if they are products adorned by colored stones. Leave to dry. Seriously soiled jewelry should be cleaned professionally.

3 -Diamonds and colored stones: These pieces must be protected from high heat fluctuations and falling. Diamonds will not get scratched but they may break. Engagement rings, diamond rings and bracelets or products with colored stones need special care for daily wear. Don’t expose colored gemstones to chemicals, solvents or ultrasonics without knowing their specific cleaning requirements.

  • Mercury is a substance which is extremely harmful for metals. Do not let the products come into contact with mercury.
  • Silver may become oxidized, however, it can be wiped with a soft cloth.
  • Enameled products are sensitive to chemical substances and falls.
  • Pearls and corals are organic substances which is why they are rather sensitive to materials such as cosmetic products, hair sprays, perfume or cologne. Such products can be cleaned with a soft cotton cloth and a bit of liquid soap.

4 -White Gold: 14 carat white gold consists of pure gold, palladium and some other elements. It is recommended that white gold be maintained from time to time so that it can continue to glitter.

5 – Magnetic locks: Keep your bracelets with magnetic locks away from water to ensure that they stay fast and protect the locks from becoming oxidized.

6 – Products with leather, plastic and similar materials: To maintain the impressive appearance of these types of products for many years keep away from water and soap.

7 – IMPORTANT: Apply perfume, hair spray, and other cosmetics before putting on your pearls and gemstone jewellery.

Do not wear jewellery while sleeping, showering, washing dishes or doing physical activities. Even natural body oils and perspiration can dull pearls’ and other gemstones luster or cloud their brilliance.


JEWELLERY GARDEN recommends all customers to preserve their products as if they were works of art.

by Jewellery Garden

A delicate piece of Jewellery Garden is a gift of everlasting beauty that speaks volumes of innocent love and can be kept for a long long time while it reminds every woman the defining moments in her life.