“Roberto Bravo”

Inspiring jewellery

Renowned for its distinctive, colourful and quality enamel jewellery designs, Roberto Bravo is a fine jewellery label with 65 years of heritage. Established in 1948, the brand pioneered the direction of the jewellery industry by creating new trends with its motto “Before all and forever design”.
Diamonds are not all there is to fine jewellery, wait till you see what stunning gorgeousness Roberto Bravo has to offer, in terms of enamel jewellery that is.

Inspired by the soul of renaissance design, Roberto Bravo creates a synthesis from modern lines. Operating primarily in Italy, Roberto Bravo creates the difference with innovative, extraordinary and striking design, especially in their enamel creations that introduce a new sense of aesthetic for jewellery aficionados.

Jewellery Garden has released four key collections – Monarch Butterfly, Black Magic, Global Warming and White Dreams. All four collections offer innovative conversation-starting designs that are finished with excellent expertise. Whether it’s a ring laced with fluttering butterflies, eccentric-looking sea creatures or merely some two-tone delegant flowers, Roberto Bravo’s striking creativity is a breath of fresh air and also seemingly limitless.

Crafted specifically for the cosmopolitan lady, whose personal style is in line with her radiant personality, these brilliant baubles indubitably become a girl’s best friend. As they exude an effortless grace in the realm of statement jewellery, we also suggest picking one transcendent piece from Roberto Bravo as a pristine family heirloom – to be passed down for generations to come.

by Jewellery Garden

A delicate piece of Jewellery Garden is a gift of everlasting beauty that speaks volumes of innocent love and can be kept for a long long time while it reminds every woman the defining moments in her life.